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Before the internet, tv and radio, Americans who lived near the ocean would spend their summers sunning themselves on the hot sandy beaches, then dipping into the cool salty waters of the ocean.

Savvy entrepreneurs took notice of this and had an idea. Why not build fun attractions for these people so they can "beach" and spend money at the same time? Hence the concept of the Boardwalk was born. The layout for a boardwalk was simple: build a wide wooden walkway stretching the length of the beach, complete with games of skill, gambling and plenty of delicious food. The first and most popular boardwalk was the famed Coney Island at the southern end of Brooklyn, New York. Coney Island attracted millions of visitors per year and boasted world class rides such as the Thunderbolt and Cyclone roller coasters, the parachute drop, and the Steeplechase. As time went on, the boardwalk spread southward all the way down the Atlantic coast.

Construction began on Boardwalk Pizzeria in March 1996 and the grand opening was September 16, 1996 . The dining area is a composite of early day boardwalks derived mostly from the famed Asbury Park and Seaside Heights resorts. The west wall of the cafe is modeled after the Palace Amusements fun house in Asbury Park. The east wall is a mural of Seaside Heights on a hot August afternoon. This was painted by Boulder artist Steve McMain, from a photo taken by Boardwalk Pizzeria's owner, who is from New Jersey.

While the Seaside Heights and Coney Island boardwalks still thrive today, the Asbury Park boardwalk is now a fond memory brought to life in our pizzeria. We hope you enjoy your journey into a most beautiful period of Americana. We welcome all of your comments, suggestions, and memories!

Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you again at Boardwalk.

1420 w 104th Ave
Northglenn, CO 80234 (303) 280 2233

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